Sunday, April 13, 2014


her 1138.jpg

This incredible girl, who must be one of the best looking girls in the world, had a tumblr blog called waste-away. Not long ago her blog was deactivated. Her self shots are way to beautiful to go unseen, so I am sharing with you here. Ann is like a hotter version of Megan Fox. For even much hotter photos by this stunning 20 year old, be sure to view her full gallery at BDBP. The following link will open up full gallery.

BrokenRemnant - more pics...

her 1166.jpg

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her 1097.jpg

waste away 1671.jpg

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waste away 1658.jpg

waste away 1657.jpg

waste away 1623.jpg

waste away 1509.jpg

waste away 1409.jpg

waste away 880.jpg

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BrokenRemnant waste-away 26.jpg

Waste-Away 142.jpg

Waste-Away 137.jpg

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waste-away brokenremnant 340.jpg

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BrokenRemnant - more pics...